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Birds Up, O's Down - 2014 Week 1

Who's hot and who's not from March 31 - April 6

Tillman claims the top spot this week after 13.1 solid innings
Tillman claims the top spot this week after 13.1 solid innings
Leon Halip
Zach Britton Upnew_medium The move to the bullpen hasn't seemed to be an issue for Britton. He's cranked up the velocity and it's helped him through 4 scoreless innings thus far.
Wei-Yin Chen Downnew_medium Death by paper cuts. Chen surrendered 12 hits, just one for extra bases, and 4 earned runs over 5.2 innings.....that's a .444 BAA.
Miguel Gonzalez Downnew_medium It most certainly wasn't paper cuts that got to Gonzalez.
Tommy Hunter Upnew_medium Obviously hasn't had to work much with the O's winning only 2 games this week, but hey, he's 2 for 2. How's Jim Johnson doing?
Ubaldo Jimenez Downnew_medium The long ball got to him, knocking him out of his first O's start after 6 innings. He was a bit erratic as well, issuing 3 walks.
Brian Matusz Downnew_medium The good news, if you will, is that he was equally bad against both lefties and righties.
Evan Meek Upnew_medium Decent start to his O's career, although he could do with reducing the walks.
Bud Norris Downnew_medium Kevin Gausman gazes up from Norfolk.....
Darren O'Day The primary setup guy didn't really have much setting up to do this week. He was adequate through two innings, although he appears to be facing a little competition from Meek right now. It could be interesting to see how a committee of Hunter, O'Day, and Meek getting the 8th and 9th opps will perform.
Josh Stinson Solid after his move to the bullpen last season and appears to be getting the mop up duty so far. Guess every team needs that guy.
Chris Tillman Upnew_medium Double thumbs up. Whether he likes it or not, he's the O's equivalent of a "stopper" and he did just that. A bit inefficient in the first start, tossing 105 pitches in 5 innings, but he didn't falter in an arguably tougher match up the second time around. Check out that GIF from Aaron Royer. It says all you need to know about Tillman's week.
Ryan Webb Downnew_medium Some thought he might get a few 9th inning opportunities this year. He still might, but that's not really the best way to show you want the job. Box scores are a bit misleading, as he was a bit better than his line shows, but that's not really saying much. A 3.43 WHIP is unsustainable, right?
Steve Clevenger Upnew_medium The backup catcher spot always seems to get an even for the week because with Wieters, this guy only gets about 3 games a month. Clevenger made the most of his one game though, adding a double, a triple, and three RBI.
Matt Wieters Upnew_medium Off to a pretty solid start. The O's struggled on offense this week, but Wieters wasn't one of those guys. He went 7-19 with a double and the insurance homer in yesterday's game. His swing still appears pretty long and susceptible to the breaking pitch, but we'll see how it goes. Wieters also went 0-2 on would-be base stealers this week, but quite a bit of that was on Bud Norris, who looked pretty slow to the plate.
Chris Davis Bad first series (two hits, all in game 3), but he got better as the week went on and added hits in all three Detroit games. One thing of note so far has been his plate discipline. Everyone knows he's a big-time power bat and he needs to use that to his advantage by laying off some of the bad pitches. He's got 6 Ks so far and he's chased some poor pitches. He's likely to see a lot more of those this season, as no pitcher wants to make a mistake when he's at the plate.
Ryan Flaherty Downnew_medium It was pretty ugly start (1-18, 7K), but there's hope yet. His approach at the plate was solid during yesterday's game. Hopefully he bottles that and it leads to some improvement.
J.J. Hardy Upnew_medium Decent start, both offensively and defensively. Five hits, all singles, and some nice plays in the field including a stellar web gem against Detroit. The big questions are how long the back keeps him out and what effects that will have on his swing.
Steve Lombardozzi Upnew_medium A good add by Dan Duquette. Besides the fact he was acquired for a guy the O's weren't likely to roster anyway, he plays multiple positions and can occasionally hit, albeit not for power. So far, he's been excellent in the field and went 5-15 at the plate.
Jonathan Schoop Downnew_medium Just doesn't look MLB-ready at the moment. He struggled with outer half pitches all week and saw more and more of those as the week went on.
Nelson Cruz Upnew_medium Normally this performance would be worth an even mark, but a game-winning homer in his first O's game is pretty awesome. Adventures in defense aside, and one has to imagine he really wasn't brought in to play in the field regularly, he did provide at the plate. His week included two of the three O's home runs, an RBI double to tie yesterday's game, and four walks. His .200 BA doesn't say it all, but his OPS is second on the team (behind Matt Wieters) for anyone with 10 or more PA.
Adam Jones He is what he is. Plate discipline will always be a question, but he comes through when he needs to, tacking on a double and a triple this week. He even walked twice.
David Lough Downnew_medium Tough week to score. He only had two hits (.426 OPS), but he made some nice plays in left and had two stolen bases. Lough appears to be a decent baserunner - if he can get on base regularly, he could be a nice addition atop the O's batting order alongside Nicky. The problem? His career OBP is only .303.
Nick Markakis Admittedly, most of his ABs this week looked pretty poor, but like Davis, he appeared more focused in the second series, both offensively and defensively. After last season, there's nowhere to go but up for Markakis, right? Right??
Steve Pearce Saw only PH duties.
Delmon Young Downnew_medium Check out today's daily column. That about sums it up.
Disabled List
Manny Machado He's doing light baseball activity, but no firm timeline for return has been established.
Nolan Reimold Expected to return to extended spring training soon enough.
Troy Patton SSPD Obviously not on the DL, but don't forget about Troy!