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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The O's lost and the minor league affiliate games were all washed out on a rather forgettable Monday.

Al Bello

No Minor League rundown today, since all 3 games scheduled for yesterday were rained out. Stupid rain. If I wanted to live in a place with this much precipitation I'd have moved to the Pacific Northwest. But 'April showers...' yada yada yada. May better put on a pretty spectacular show to pay us back for all the rain and snow we've suffered through this winter.

But I digress...onto some links.

School of Roch: Wieters doing it right from the left
Geez, Roch...maybe start the article off with the encouraging part and not the prospect of an already Manny-less left side of the infield also possibly being JJ-less. The though just makes want to curl up in a ball in the corner.

O's land righty Guilmet; Reimold to 60-day DL | News
Britt with a rundown of yesterday's minor trade.

OriolesNation Mailbag 3/31 - 4/6

Tucker Blair answers some queries regarding the O's, both Major and Minor.

Camden Depot: Paper Orioles (4/8/2014): Please Remain Calm

Projections schmojetions...all is lost. They're doomed. Doomed! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMED!

Let's have some fun with small MLB sample sizes. | : Jonathan Bernhardt Article

Featured the Orioles' #StaffAce

Play Ball: Joan Jett Talks Baltimore Orioles' 2014 Season | Billboard

Res Ipsa Loquiter

A One-Start Comp for Masahiro Tanaka | FanGraphs Baseball

With the way the O's are swinging the bat at the moment they will probably make Tanaka look like '99-'00 era Pedro Martinez on Wednesday.

Team executive says MLB games should be seven innings long - ESPN

In$ider article, but the title says it all. Maddness, I say. Madness and depravity. Is nothing sacred?

Wish Jeremy Guthrie a Happy Birthday on Twitter. It is also the birthday of Brian Burres. On this date in 1975 Frank Robinson became the first black Manager in MLB.

A man's gotta have an Open Thread