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Wednesday Bird Droppings

The sun shines just a bit brighter the day after an O's blow out of the Yankees.

Need to work on those celebratory leaps, Nelson. Poor form. 30-Grade.
Need to work on those celebratory leaps, Nelson. Poor form. 30-Grade.
Jim McIsaac

School of Roch: Leftovers for breakfast
Roch's ruminations.

Adam Jones of Baltimore Orioles lashes out at fans who ran on field - ESPN

Tell us how you truly feel, Dr. Jones.

Adam Jones and Hitting Behind in the Count " Baltimore Sports and Life

Was Jim Palmer correct when he said that Adam Jones hits better from behind in the count? Yes and No, according to the data on Jones from 2013.

Camden Depot: The Impact of Losing Hardy and Machado


Young stars I'd lock up long-term now - ESPN

In$ider article, but JimBo lists Manny as the #1 player he'd seek to sign to a long-term extension.

Penned Up | The Rotation

Sports on Earth's Jorge Arangure Jr. talks to Brian Matusz about life in the 'pen.

Examining The One-and-done Players In Orioles History: PressBoxOnline

Paul Folkemer ponders what other players have appeared in exactly one game with the Orioles.

RBI Baseball 14 appeals to both nostalgia and fun. | : Will Leitch Article

Anyone planning on getting this today or in the near future?

Today is the birthdate of one Adam Loewen and Dennis Sarfate. On this date in 1959 the O's become the first team to turn a triple play on Opening Day. In 2006, Tomoaki Kanemoto set a new professional mark for consecutive games played without missing an inning with his 903rd such game. He surpassed the mark previously set by, of course, Cal Ripken Jr.

These right here, these are the pawns. They like the soldiers. They move like this; one space forward only. Except when they fight; then it's like this. And they like the front lines. They be out in the Open Thread.