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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The O's are doing 2012 things. An important date approaches regarding Johan. What to do about Markakis? And how much value in draft picks did the O's potentially forfeit?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the unofficial start of Summer. Could not have asked for a better weekend throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, weather-wise. And welcome back to the work week, truncated as it may be. I do hope everyone has sufficiently recovered from bbq'd meat consumption comas and the quaffing of various libations. In case you were unable to keep up your beloved Baltimore Orioles came away with victories on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. For some odd reason they did not even bother to show up on Saturday. Weird, I know. Let's see what the scribes of the interwebz have to say about them Birds, shall we?

School of Roch: Orioles using familiar formula
(High leverage) Pitching, Defense, and the 3 run Home Run. Sounds like a plan to me.

Reynolds still has fond memories of Orioles | News
...and us of him.

Johan Santana's opt-out is 'a fluid situation,' Dan Duquette says -
Johan Santana can opt opt of his minor league deal at the end of the month, but Duquette is not concerned with that.

Orioles Buzz: Andrew Stetka: Viewing Markakis' place in O's history

Both his OPS+ and wRC+ are back over the 100 level. So he seems to be interested in giving Dan Duquette something to ponder come this off-season.

MiLB Video: Bridwell, Rodriguez, Walker, Alvarez - Orioles Nation

A collection of game footage videos of Parker Bridwell, Eduardo Rodriguez, Christian Walker, and Dariel Alvarez courtesy of Tucker Blair.

The Value of Draft Picks: Bringing it All Together – The Hardball Times

With much discussion concerning the O's trading away their CDL pick (#37 overall in this upcoming draft) last year in the Bud Norris deal.

Happy 30th birthday, Miguel Gonzalez! On this date in 1960, Orioles Manager Paul Richards designs an oversized mitt to be used by Catcher Clint Courtney during the starts of knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm. The mitt works great, but will later be banned.