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Orioles give up George Springer's seventh homer in seven games, lose to Astros, 3-1

The Orioles were sent to their second straight loss, much to the chagrin of the dugout boss. They lost 3-1 to the Houston Astros; one of the runs was Jason Castro's.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

George Springer
Has hit a lot of dingers
The Astros rookie's claim to fame
Is that he's got seven in as many games.
He is good, we cannot doubt,
Yet why can't they just get him out?
Tonight it seemed the Orioles fate
To lose the game, their third straight.
When everything was said and done,
The final score was 3-1.

Facing off against Brad Peacock,
Orioles hitters had only shock
that he might ever pitch outside the strike zone,
Swinging and missing as the rest of us groaned.
He'd walked 30 batters before today,
But the Orioles were not to make him pay.

Ubaldo Jimenez started for the O's,
And as everyone who's watched him knows,
His lack of command remains an issue
To make you weep, so grab a tissue.
For all of that, he struck out eight,
And pitched six innings, which isn't great,
But then again it's not too bad,
Considering, so we can't be that sad.
Three walks were a problem, yes,
Still, it was the hitters who kept them from success.

The damage came in the bottom of the second,
Jason Castro walked, as the umpire reckoned.
He walks so many, it's almost absurd,
And of course Castro ended up on third,
Thanks to a Matt Dominguez base hit,
And another walk that left us pitching a fit.

Not merely content with Astros on each base,
He threw a wild pitch; Nick Hundley gave chase,
Castro raced home and looked to be tagged,
But the umpire's visual acuity flagged,
And he called Castro safe, which didn't please Buck,
Who came out looking to challenge and press his luck.
The replay was inconclusive (so they said),
Meaning that Houston had just pulled ahead.

Peacock came in with an ERA over 5,
Facing the Orioles tonight, it took a dive.
Though he gave up six hits in six,
The Orioles were mostly swinging their sticks,
And missing, since they had eight whiffs,
In a game they deserved to lose, no ifs.

There was only one time where Peacock had trouble,
In the fourth, as Pearce led off with a double.
He came 'round to score on a single by Cruz,
It's just such a shame they went on to lose.
They threatened again a couple of innings later,
Sadly, J.J. Hardy played the role of hater,
With men on first and third, two out,
O's fans were hoping they'd start a rout,
Instead he hit a grounder to short,
As such, Ubaldo got no run support.

The real damage came in inning seven,
Off Preston Guilmet, the reliever from heaven,
Who'd yet to allow a run to score on the season,
Alas, that couldn't last, for some reason.
He gave up a single to Jose Altuve,
And you thought, "They'll blow this, won't they?"
'Ere long, Altuve went running,
Nothing if not a show of his cunning,
New catcher Nick Hundley's yet to make a good throw,
And it seems all MLB's in the know.

In the end, Altuve's run didn't much matter,
Guilmet threw Springer a change that couldn't be flatter,
He launched a line drive that just cleared the fence,
And left the tie game as only past tense.

Adding to the indignity, the closer was Chad Qualls,
A man most well known for numerous falls,
Qualls retired them one-two-three, which isn't unique,
They can look bad any day of the week.

Miguel Gonzalez is the starter on Friday,
Seeking to hold a third straight loss at bay,
Houston's Brett Oberholtzer will be his counterpart
In that game, which has an 8:10 start.