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Camdencast Episode 55 - How Oblique Is It

The Orioles are hanging around the .500 mark, sometimes looking good, sometimes looking bad. Stacey and Mark run through the latest in a brand new Camdencast.

Mitchell Layton

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Chris Davis is out with an oblique injury, the starting rotation just can't go deep into games, Adam Jones is looking bad even though his peripherals don't, and yet, somehow, Stacey and I have some good feelings about the Orioles, starting with Nick Markakis looking, well, not worthless.

In injury rehab land, Dylan Bundy and even Johan Santana are making favorable impressions, Kevin Gausman has pneumonia rather than an intercostal strain, and Davis has got to be back soon, right?

Along the way, you can enjoy one of the more embarrassing flubs of my podcasting tenure, as well as Stacey's story about being pitied by a Yankees fan her friend is going to marry.

All this and more on this edition of Camdencast. This episode has a run time of about one hour and ten minutes.

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