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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The Orioles may have had another early season off-day, but 1st place in the AL East missed the Birds so much it decided to come back to them.

A very special postgame Pitcher-Catcher high-five
A very special postgame Pitcher-Catcher high-five

School of Roch: Roster move coming as Orioles ready for series against Rays
Roch' em Sock 'em roster moves

Johan Santana's velocity encouraging in his first extended spring training game -
Velo is nice, but Johan will likely only find his way back to the Bigs if his change up is as devastating as it once was.

Matt Wieters may finally be blossoming into a top catcher. |
Matty leads all Orioles hitters in bWAR thus far, and is on pace for a nifty 5 WAR season.

Orioles deny being "in discussions" with Kendrys Morales | HardballTalk
One could almost get the impression that Heyman serves as a mouthpiece for Boras Corp.

Revisiting the Erik Bedard trade six years later | Prospect Insider
Tyler Carmont takes a look back on the deal between the Orioles and Mariners that sent Erik Bedard to Seattle in exchange for five players.

Peter Gammons: Changes needed to quicken the pace of game -
Gammons' basic argument is to limit the number of pitching changes. Funny how there's no mention of the constant antics of players from his beloved Red Sox, whether while at bat or on the mound, that serve to needlessly and frustratingly prolong games and drag their pace to a halt.

Two years ago today was a very special day in Birdland.