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Wednesday Bird Droppings

The O's manage to retain their spot atop the AL East for another day with a victory over the Rays. While the dread UCL tear scourge of 2014 may have finally struck an unexpected member of Birdland.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Wondering what's going on with Wieters
First Manny...then, possibly, Wieters...why can't Orioles fans have nice things?

Davis recovery seems to be going remarkably well | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
...and there was much rejoicing.

News and notes from Sarasota on Nolan Reimold, Johan Santana, Dylan Bundy and Luis Ayala. -

No worries, friends...the cavalry is coming!

American League East race might be closest ever - MLB - ESPN

In$ider article where Szymborski and his evil ZiPS super computer reveal that they are each hellbent on world meant where they reveal their conclusion that the AL East race might be more of a nail gnawer than a nail biter finish.

Steve Melewski: A look at how Nelson Cruz's start compares to Chris Davis' in 2013

Closer than I had expected.

Camden Depot: A Premature Look at O's Batters and Home Run Rates

Certainly will need their current HR rate to increase markedly if this squad fancies themselves a contender.

Semien, Schoop, Strikeouts and Second Base | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Some fantasy-based analysis on Jonathan Schoop's swinging strike rate.

Today marks the birthday for a number of one time O's: Mark Smith (94-96), Brook Fordyce (00-03), and Hall of Famer Dick Williams (56-57, 58, 61-62).