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Manny Machado suspended for five games following Sunday's bat throwing incident

Manny Machado has been suspended for five games following his bat tossing incident against Oakland on Sunday.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Tuesday afternoon was when the hammer of MLB discipline fell on Manny Machado for his bat throwing antics in Sunday's game against the Athletics. In addition to a fine of an undisclosed amount, Machado will be suspended for five games.

Machado will appeal the suspension, meaning that it won't start immediately and could potentially be reduced by a game or two. That's how the appeal process usually works, even if nobody knows why. This is not unusual in that the player nearly always appeals initially. He may drop the appeal a couple of days later after giving the team time to prepare for his absence, or he might go all the way to a hearing.

While Machado is suspended, the Orioles will probably have Ryan Flaherty at third base. Flaherty passed Machado in OPS last night, so as far as that goes, it could be worse.

Oakland pitcher Fernando Abad, who blatantly threw at Machado's lower body in a ten-run game, will be fined but not suspended. In all likelihood, neither team will be happy with the result of this discipline. Whether that's a sign that they got it right is not for me to say.

Do you think that Machado should have been suspended for longer? What do you think is a fair amount for a fine for Abad and Machado?