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Sunday Bird Droppings

Adam Jones sends an ump tumbling, Chris Davis hit a ball really hard and Matt Wieters has a pretty important doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Nick Hundley got a post-game snack.
Nick Hundley got a post-game snack.
Jonathan Ernst

Toronto Blue Jays 2, Baltimore Orioles 4 -
"Every once in a while, Chris Davis conjures memories of last season by effortlessly launching a baseball far over the outfield wall." And yesterday was one of those times.

Adam Jones sends accidentally sends umpire to the ground running bases -
"Hunter Wendelstedt’s fall sparked laughter from many of the 33,901 fans at Camden Yards. But manager Buck Showalter was hesitant to describe the reaction from the Orioles in the dugout, for fear that it might cost his team in Sunday’s game. "Oh my gosh. He’s behind the plate [Sunday]," the manager said. "I’m going to keep my mouth shut." Oh, yes, there's a GIF included.

Orioles Analysis: Showalter pleased with catching depth -
Monday is decision day for Matt Wieters and his elbow, but Buck Showalter likes what he's seen so far from his back-up catchers.

Orioles suffer nearly 7 1/2 hours of rain delays | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
The Orioles has suffered more than 7 hours of rain delays this season, not counting rain-outs. As Sluggo likes to say, "Domes - preventing rain-outs since 1965." Although, ironically enough, today is the anniversary of the only rain-out in Astrodome history.

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones expands on being a new dad -
"Not saying my parents didn’t do everything they could to make sure I had everything I needed to have, but I want to make sure he doesn’t miss out on anything and that I don't miss out on anything and he grows up with the same hard-working values that I have to this day." -Adam Jones

Rill Talk with Kevin Gausman -
I'm your dream, make you Rill / I'm your eyes when you must steal / I'm your pain when you can't feel / Sad but true ... Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin Gausman.

No Orioles birthdays today.  In Orioles history on this date, in 1997, "In one of the more surprising developments of the first weekend of interleague play, the Baltimore Orioles complete a sweep of the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, on Lenny Webster's 10th-inning home run off Mark Wohlers."

This is my new Open Thread. George, my friend, he gave me this Open Thread. This is a pretty good Open Thread. It's not as good as my first Open Thread. I miss my first Open Thread, but this is still a good Open Thread. Sometimes you just hafta take what life gives ya, 'cause life is like a Open Thread and sometimes life gets full of dirt and crud and bugs and hairballs and stuff..."