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Monday Bird Droppings

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After missing an opportunity  to gain ground on the Jays, the Orioles head out on the road for a few games against the woeful Rays (4-10 in June) in their sorry excuse for a stadium. In World Cup action, Team USA squares off against rival Ghana this evening.

Offense Lacking As Orioles Split Series Against Blue Jays (Pressbox)
Pressbox looks back at the weekend that was...

Steve Melewski: In return to mound, Bundy allows one run for Aberdeen
Pitching phenom: a slight return

With six starters, some may work out of 'pen | News
What to do with MiGo?

Who is the real Manny Machado? - ESPN
"After making it look oh-so-easy in the first half of last season, Manny Machado's production at the plate has dipped markedly."

Camden Depot: Edgmer Escalona - Hoping for the Next Miguel Gonzalez? Joe Reisel has actually seen an Edgmer Escalona in its natural habitat.

On this day in 1986, the O's traded Dennis "El Presidente" Martinez to the Expos. In 2012, Jason Hammel threw a one hitter against the Braves.

It's the birthday of Diamond Joe Saunders and Chris Gomez.