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Wednesday Bird Droppings

O's win! Wieters begins a long recovery process. The rotation experiences some temporary bloat. And more!

Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Happy Birthday, Caleb!
Rob Carr

School of Roch: Wieters' surgery deemed successful
See ya, in '15, bub.

Matt Wieters' Tommy John surgery places his future in doubt | The Strike Zone -
Well, that's an encouraging list of catchers who have returned from TJ surgery.

Peter Schmuck: Maybe everyone was just too optimistic about the Orioles -
They were never going to be a 90 win club. Now they look like a .500 club that has as good a shot as any AL East squad to luck into 85 or so wins.

O's to temporarily go with six starters | News
May be more 'temporary' than originally thought after MiGo's performance last night.

Orioles Buzz: Jon Shepherd: Looking back on this year's draft
crawdaddy takes a look at themes from the O's 2014 draft selections

Picking the 2014 American League All-Stars | FanGraphs Baseball
Which O's would make the squad if Dave Cameron had his way?

Steve Melewski: Solid mental approach leads to All-Star season for Mike Yastrzemski
Better know a Baby Bird!: Mike Yastrzemski edition

Happy Birthday Caleb Joseph! Maybe he'll celebrate by hitting a home run! On this date in 2007 the Diamond Dave era began with the firing of Sam Perlozzo.