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Game 79: Rays (33-48) @ Orioles (41-37), 7:05

The Orioles didn't bring their bats to the stadium for the day part of a day-night doubleheader against the Rays. Maybe they'll be here for the night part. Chris Tillman starts for the Orioles, with Jake Odorizzi starting for Tampa Bay.

Jim McIsaac

Well, that one sucked. The good news is there is another chance to pick up a win tonight. The bad news is that it's going to be the same Orioles who were awful this afternoon, except with the even more awful trio at the bottom of the lineup, Lough, Hundley, and Flaherty. Plus, with no Pearce, Machado bats second. Could they finally get no-hit? They could.

If you're not here at Camden Yards tonight, you're missing out on the floppy hat giveaway, which actually looks pretty spiffy. I am full of regret that I will not get to add it to the collection. That was exaggeration there, it's more of a mild longing that I will forget about in two days. What I won't forget is that the Orioles disappoint me with their performance against mediocre-or-worse pitchers. Jake Odorizzi has a 4+ ERA. We know where this is going.

Today's Lineups

D. Jennings - DH Nick Markakis - DH
Kevin Kiermaier - CF Manny Machado - 3B
Ben Zobrist - SS Adam Jones - CF
Evan Longoria - 3B Nelson Cruz - RF
James Loney - 1B Chris Davis - 1B
Brandon Guyer - LF J.J. Hardy - SS
Matt Joyce - RF David Lough - LF
Ryan Hanigan - C Nick Hundley - C
Logan Forsythe - 2B Ryan Flaherty - 2B
Jake Odorizzi - RHP Chris Tillman - RHP