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MLB All-Star Voting: Orioles' Nelson Cruz, Matt Wieters still lead with five days left to vote

With five days left in the MLB All-Star Game voting, the Orioles still have two leaders: Nelson Cruz and Matt Wieters. The injured Wieters may be overtaken. Adam Jones is a possibility to surge from fifth to third among outfielders.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There are five days left to vote for the MLB All-Star Game. Voting ends on July 3 at 11:59. At this point, you can only vote online. With voting coming to a close, MLB released its final update of the vote totals. This ultimate update shows the Orioles' Nelson Cruz and Matt Wieters continuing to lead their positions as starters for the American League team.

At the designated hitter spot, Cruz has received 2,944,267 votes, leaving him just shy of a million votes ahead of the vandal David Ortiz, who sits in second. This time last week, Cruz led Ortiz by 800,000 votes, so he's extended his lead by almost 200,000 votes in a week's time. He looks to be all set to be selected as the designated hitter. Cruz, who has 25 home runs, said over the weekend that he was approached about participating in the Home Run Derby but that he will probably decline.

Among catchers, the injured Matt Wieters has gotten 2,103,385 votes, giving him a lead of about 180,000 votes over runner up Derek Norris. That gap has been closing significantly over the last several weeks. This time last week, Wieters was ahead by nearly 300,000 votes over Norris. Now that Wieters is known to be out for the year, it's not surprising he's lost some of the support he had gotten since his hot start. He may yet be named as a starter, though he obviously won't play, but it will be coming down to the wire.

Both Cruz and Wieters would be named to their third All-Star team, and first as starter.

Farther down the ballots, several Orioles are among the also-rans. The closest to a starting spot is Adam Jones, whose 1,853,268 votes place him fifth among outfielders, trailing third place Yoenis Cespedes by only about 90,000 votes. This time last week, Jones was 185,000 votes out of third place. He's likely to be named to the All-Star team whether or not he makes it as a starter, which would be his fourth All-Star selection.

At first base, Chris Davis is a distant third, sitting about two million votes behind Miguel Cabrera. Manny Machado has fallen to fourth at third base, about 1.5 million votes behind the leader, Josh Donaldson. J.J. Hardy remains in third at shortstop, also about 1.5 million votes behind the Derek Jeter retirement tour. Finally, in the outfield, Nick Markakis sits in eighth, about 550,000 votes behind third place.

The All-Star selection show will be broadcast on ESPN on Sunday at 7pm.