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MLB Draft Day 2 (Orioles Draft Day 1) open thread

Day Two of the MLB Draft gets underway at one o'clock on Friday, beginning with the third round, pick #75. The Orioles get their first selection of the draft at pick #90. This is your draft open thread.

Rich Schultz

The MLB Draft resumes on Friday afternoon. The Orioles finally get to pick today. The teams will run through rounds 3-10 beginning at 1pm. Unlike the first day, where they go through the podium ritual, days 2 and 3 of the draft will just be a bunch of guys sitting around listening to a giant conference call. You can follow along for yourself on and keep track of all of the players you've probably never heard of and will likely never hear of again.

The Orioles pick at #90 overall for their third round pick, then at #121 for their fourth round pick, with every subsequent pick coming 30 picks later than the past one. In MLB's new hard slotting system, their first pick slot value is $594,200 and they have a total slot value from rounds 3-10 of $2,204,400, the lowest in the league by nearly one million dollars. Their bonus pool is lower in its entirety than the value of each of the first 16 picks.

Of course, the Orioles gave up what would have been picks #17 and #55 in signing Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz, and traded pick #37 to the Astros to get Bud Norris.

Exceeding the bonus pool amount by more than 5% would result in a lost draft pick in next year's draft, so the Orioles don't have a whole lot of flexibility to try to sign one of the players remaining to be a tough sign. If they are still on the board at this point and would require a seven-figure check to be convinced to bypass college for the pros, they aren't going to be going to the Orioles.

As to what kind of player or players they might be targeting, no one really knows. Even if we did know, there's 29 other teams who are targeting players too, and they might well take anyone the Orioles wanted to take. The one comment that scouting director Gary Rajsich did make is that, after loading up on high school catchers in last year's draft, the Orioles probably wouldn't be taking another catcher high in this draft. So there you go.

The last five Orioles picks in the third round have been Stephen Tarpley, Adrian Marin, Mike Wright, Dan Klein, and Tyler Townsend. The first three of these are still in the O's system. Other third round picks in recent memory have been L.J. Hoes, Zach Britton, and Chris Ray. You can find a prospect with potential in the third round.