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Johan Santana out for season with torn Achilles tendon

Just when it seemed imminent that he'd play for the Orioles soon, the injury has ended his season. Hopefully it hasn't ended his career.


In a very unfortunate turn of events for the Orioles and and for veteran lefty Johan Santana, a torn Achilles tendon has ended his season. He was pitching extended spring training today when he was hit by a batted ball in the leg, and was injured chasing after it. Orioles GM Dan Duquette confirmed to media that the MRI showed that the tendon had been torn and that Santana is finished for the season.

As someone who would love for the Orioles to improve, this is really an unfortunate story. As Duquette said, getting a healthy Johan Santana mid-season would be like making a trade for a veteran to help the team as they try to remain in contention. But for Santana himself, this story is devastating. The 35 year old has been trying to fight his way back from shoulder surgery, and he just recently has gotten his fastball velocity up. He was just days away from minor league rehab starts and weeks from being back in the big leagues. This injury quite possibly could be the end of his career.