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All-Star Game 2014: Orioles' Nelson Cruz, Matt Wieters continue to lead in third week of results

MLB released new All-Star vote totals on Sunday night, and the Orioles Nelson Cruz and Matt Wieters continued to lead at their positions.


Another week has gone by, and the Orioles continue to have two players poised to be named as starters for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game. An updated tally released by MLB on Sunday night showed that Nelson Cruz and Matt Wieters extended leads in their respective positions since last week. Voting runs through the very end of the day on July 3, with the game to be played on July 15.

At designated hitter, Cruz now has 1,404,275 votes, leading the vandal David Ortiz by nearly 400,000 votes. After last week's voting, Cruz only just passed Ortiz and was ahead by 80,000 votes. He continues to lead MLB in home runs. Everyone likes home runs.

Wieters also holds what looks to be a commanding lead at catcher. He has 1,235,369 votes, according to the tally released by MLB, and is ahead of the Yankees' Brian McCann by a little over 400,000 votes. That's nearly double the lead that he held over McCann a week ago. Given his injury status, it's no sure thing that Wieters would play in the game even if selected as the starter, but hey, an All-Star is an All-Star, right? Just ask Chris Tillman.

Six other Orioles are listed among the leaders at their positions, but most of them do not stand much chance of finding their way into a starting spot. The closest is Adam Jones, who improved from fifth to fourth in the outfielder voting; however, in raw votes, he now trails Melky Cabrera by about 275,000 votes, which is 75,000 more than last week.

Farther down the outfielder list is Nick Markakis, who moved up from tenth to ninth, a little more than 400,000 votes behind Cabrera. David Lough is in 15th place with 396,085 votes. Why did 396,085 people vote for Lough? Only they will ever know.

Chris Davis sits in fourth place in the first base voting, trailing leader Miguel Cabrera by over 800,000 votes. J.J. Hardy is third among shortstops, about 600,000 votes behind leading vote-getter and soon-to-be retiree Derek Jeter. Manny Machado is also third in the third place voting, 700,000 votes behind top-placed Josh Donaldson.

The Orioles had five All-Stars last year. While it doesn't look like they'll end up with so many again this year, it does look like they'll at least have multiple All-Stars for the third straight season. Maybe someone like Zach Britton will even find himself selected as a reserve relief pitcher.

MLB is updating the vote totals every week. Do you think Cruz and Wieters will still be ahead a week from now? Do you think any of the other Orioles will get closer to the top?