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Monday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Is there anything more to be said about Manny Machado and the A's series? I guess time will tell. The sort of overly emotional foolishness on display this past weekend is an odd change for fans of an organization that for years was characterized by the stoic leadership of Eddie, Cal and the like. For no reason, here's an old article about Frank Robinson.

On the subject of excitable boys, the Red Sox come to town today. Bud Norris and Jake Peavy square off at 7:05 pm.

Orioles' Manny Machado Becomes Center Of Controversy Against Athletics (Pressbox)
Paul Folkemer on the Machado unpleasantness.

Manny Machado incident overshadows A's win - San Jose Mercury News
Sounds like the A's are flogging the narrative of Manny laughing about Norris leaving the game. I guess they don't subscribe to the theory that living well is the best revenge.

Heath Bell opts out of minor league contract with Orioles | HardballTalk Thanks for the fish!

Virginia Bats Come Alive In Game Two - The Terps and Cavs will go to a game three in the NCAAs.

Camden Depot: Reverse Engineering the Orioles' 2014 Draft Strategy Some thoughts on the draft.

Joseph's defense has been happy surprise for Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Joseph has looked better than advertised to my

On this day in in 1984, Mike Flanagan beat the Tigers for the second time in a week, but the O's remained 5.5 games back of the division leaders. In 1990, Eddie Murray hit a homer from both sides of the plate for the 10th time in his career.

It's the birthday of Mike Fontenot.