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Tuesday Bird Droppings

O's win! Roster moves galore. An architect of the 60's & 70's O's passes. And more in today's edition of Bird Droppings.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles Crush Rangers - ESPN Video - ESPN
Well, they didn't put up 30, but I'll accept the lede.

Steve Melewski: Dan Duquette on Machado's suspension and the Reimold situation
The Duq' does not abide, man.

While Machado sits, Davis goes from first to third | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

It's a bold strategy. Let's see how it works out for 'em.

Camden Depot: Bud Norris' Groin Strain

More than you ever wanted to know about Bud's nether regions.

The case for trading for Jeff Samardzija " Baltimore Sports and Life

I'll take anyone's #1 starter if they just givin' him away... (Note: the Cubs will not be giving away Shark. He gonna cost a pretty penny.)

Leaked: 10 Months Of The Houston Astros' Internal Trade Talks - Deadspin

Including much discussion concerning the O's and the eventual trade of Bud Norris.

Former Mets, Orioles GM Frank Cashen dies | News

Safe to say that the Orioles would have been a far poorer and less successful organization but for the efforts of Mr. Cashen in the 60's & 70's.

Happy 34th birthday, Nelson Cruz! And it is the 44th birthday for Jamie Walker. On this date in 1957 the Orioles feature the first 'Z' battery duo in MLB history as George Zuverink pitches to Frank Zupo. In 1967 Jim Palmer gave up a Grand Slam. is that possible, you ask? Jim has always be quick to inform us of his lack of 4 run HRs allowed, you say? Well, the majors. Cakes was on a minor league rehab and he gave up a bases juiced dinger to Johnny Bench. I wonder if he'll reminisce about that during tonight's broadcast? In 1982 Earl Weaver makes the bold decision to move a young Cal Ripken Jr. from 3rd base to Shortstop. I'd say that one worked out pretty well. In 1994 the O's and Angels combine for 11 dingers in a game, a major league record.