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Orioles GIFs of the Week

That's it for the first half. How about some GIFs to start your All-Star break?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

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An Orioles fan in the front row at Nationals Park wasn't too happy about that home run for the Nationals. He throws it back and appears to yell, "Keep it!" If he doesn't say that then too bad, it's still the title of the GIF.

I love how the guy celebrates catching the ball for the briefest of moments before summarily chucking his prize back. I also like how it happens so fast that the bearded guy behind him is still looking for the ball moments later. Also check out the guy next to him who is cracking up.



Chris Davis has been slumping, hard. But he can still crush one here and there. Here he hit a clutch 2-run home run to put the Orioles up in the 11th inning, eventually leading them to victory. That kind of thing will get you emotional. It will also get Nelson Cruz emotional.



Nick Hundley hit a walk-off RBI single. Then he celebrated. Then this happened.

I was impressed at how long this pie stayed more-or-less intact on his face. For a moment there, it looked like you could remove it from his face, place it back in the plate, and present it to a delighted family after dinner. Then, of course, it completely disintegrated.




Added just to note that Sunday's game looked to be getting out of control as a storm moved in. The wind swirled, and trash started blowing everywhere. Nick Markakis made this catch to help the Orioles get through the requisite 4.5 innings.



I just liked this moment. Being head groundskeeper at OPACY is a pretty cool job. Here Nicole Sherry is looking intense, guiding the crew to cover up the field under the pouring rain. Perhaps she takes more pride in the preparation that happens when no fans are in the seats, but this is probably one of the more exciting moments of her job - in front of a national television audience, no less. It's cool the cameras captured it.

I still remember her going nuts, jumping up and down after the last game of 2011.



Just some rain delay shenanigans at OPACY. Thanks to Nicholas Jernigan for sending me the video of this.



Yet another GIF involving rain! I made this one a while ago (by just adding captions to one I found on the internet) and occasionally throw it out there during a rain delay. This time we got a game called with the Orioles winning 3-1 after a mere 4.5 innings. Magic!

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