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Camden Chat night at the Frederick Keys game - August 15, 2014

Join us at the Keys game on Friday, August 15th!

Tim Jacobsen

UPDATE! It's today! It looks like we'll have a crowd that includes myself, PaulFolk, russellgood2573, Andrew_Lew, jobe (maybe?), risuena, punkrawka, and hopefully Wieters Wieters. If you can make it and you're not one of these fine folks, let me know in the comments. Remember, get your General Admission ticket (buy it for $9 or bring something for Good Will and get a voucher to get in free) and head to the first base side GA. Hope to see you there!

REMINDER! This is just five days away. It sounds like we have a handful of people planning on coming out. Please let me know if you'll be there! According to the Keys homepage, the starting pitcher will be Matt Taylor. He's no Dylan Bundy, but what can you do.

On Friday, August 15th the Frederick Keys are playing the Lynchburg Hill Cats at 7 p.m. and you should be there! I'll be there with my handsome husband, and probably Steve Damerell will be there and if we're lucky, Wieters Wieners! Mr. Wieners is moving to Colorado soon so don't miss your chance to say goodbye (if he shows). Who else will be there? Perhaps Andrew_Lew or Shaffy? Maybe a hot lurker or two?

There are two ways to get tickets to sit with myself and my band of merry men (and hopefully women...risuena? JeCaThRe? DCO'sFan?). The first is to buy yourself a general admission ticket either online or at the ballpark. The second is to bring a donation for Good Will to the game and the Keys will give you a voucher for that night's game. Sweet! Who doesn't have something laying around the house that they've been meaning to get rid of. Maybe I'll bring my Crush Davis t-shirt to hand in (sick burn!). And if that's not enough for you, there will be fireworks after the game.

So, to recap:

  • Friday, August 15th at 7 p.m. is Camden Chat night at the Keys game.
  • Buy a ticket for general admission (just $9) or bring a donation to Good Will and get in for free. Head to the general admission section on the first base side and look for the chick in the orange t-shirt that says Camden Chat on the front and In Play, Steve(s) on the back. That will be me.
  • Enjoy good times with me, Paul, and an assortment of fabulous Camden Chatters. Make some new friends.
  • Watch Dylan Bundy or Parker Bridwell or Sebastian Vader or someone else pitch. If it's Vader, make a few corny Star Wars jokes. Maybe see Matt Hobgood come in out of the bullpen!
  • Drink some delicious beers or cokes no ice. Eat a pretzel!
  • Watch fireworks after the Keys conquer their opponent, and head home having spent a lovely evening at the ballpark.

So that's it. Who's in? If you'll be there, let me know in the comments. Hopefully we can get a nice sized group out to see the youngsters play.