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MLB All-Star Game 2014: Vote Orange for the Orioles' Adam Jones

All-Star Game voting is in its final hours. Adam Jones of the Orioles needs your help. Go vote orange now!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There are now just about eight hours left to vote for the All-Star Game rosters online. One Oriole in particular has a chance to be named starter - Adam Jones. But he needs support to pass and stay ahead of the two players ahead of him, Melky Cabrera and Yoenis Cespedes.

To be sure, with the seasons they are having, Cabrera and Cespedes are certainly worthy All-Star choices, but they're not our guys. Jones has been the closest thing the Orioles have had to a face of the franchise for the past three seasons. He might well be at the All-Star Game regardless as a reserve. There's something special about having multiple Orioles in the starting lineup, though. Nelson Cruz is already guaranteed to make it and start at DH. Jones being there too would be great.

You can vote on until 11:59 Thursday night. If you've got nothing better to do, vote a bunch of times. While you're at it, vote for Matt Wieters on general principle and because otherwise Derek Norris will win. Yeah, I know Wieters is hurt, but it'd still be awesome if he wins. Write in Steve Pearce, just because he's awesome.

Jones has more home runs than both Cabrera and Cespedes, and at least according to Fangraphs, beats them out defensively so far this year as well. In more advanced offensive stats like wOBA and wRC+, Jones is either equal to or ahead of both of them. By Fangraphs WAR, Jones is the fifth most valuable position player in the American League up to this point in the season, worth a 3.6 WAR all by himself after only 84 games. That sounds like an All-Star starter to me.

Earlier in the afternoon, MLB announced that Jones had received 20% more online votes than Cabrera on Wednesday, and 18% more online votes than Cespedes. Jones entered the final five days only about 88,000 votes shy of third place Cespedes. If he's been gaining like that every day, he might have a chance. If he gains even more on the last day, that's even better for Jones.

Jones might very well win, and so might Wieters. Birdland needs you. Go vote! You can vote up to 35 times, and since there's probably going to be rain tonight, what else do you have to do, anyway?