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Wednesday Bird Droppings

O's win! Angelos vs. the Nats vs. Selig. Ubaldo rehabs. Duquette downplays trade talks. And more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles - July 29, 2014 | BAL Recap
Ho hum...just 18-10 vs. the vaunted AL West now.

Major League Baseball Embroiled in Explosive Legal War Over TV Deals (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter
It might be wiser to get involved in a land war in Asia than take on Peter Angelos in the courts.

The Nationals and Orioles dispute over TV money is about to explode | HardballTalk
Craig Calcaterra provides a nice breakdown of the legal ramifications involved in the MASN dispute.

Dan Duquette focusing on 'pitching depth' at trade deadline and other Orioles notes -

Doesn't sound like the O's will be in on any of the top-tier players. So I'm fully expecting this to be a front and a trade for Jon Lester to be announced sometime this afternoon.

Camden Depot: Orioles Should Try to Acquire Justin Masterson

In spite of some glaring concerns I am coming back around to agreeing with this idea.

Ubaldo turns in successful first rehab outing | News

Successful in the sense that he only walked 3 Rookie League batters in 4 2/3rds innings. That's it, I suppose...

Nelson Cruz and HR/LD% | FanGraphs Baseball

Meet Fangraphs' newest section: Instagraphs.

A first-hand account of masculine sports culture run amok. | : Dirk Hayhurst Article

Dirk Hayhurst recounts the misogyny and depravity of minor league baseball players.

Managers Larry Parrish, Delino Deshields headline AFL announcement | News

O's prospects will play for the Glendale Desert Dogs under the tutelage of Manager Lance Parrish and Pitching Coach Alan Mills.

Somewhere in East Baltimore, Officer Thomas 'Herc' Hauk is celebrating the birth date of Gus Triandos.