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Orioles trade rumors: O's, Red Sox "close" to Jon Lester deal

The Orioles and Red Sox talks about Jon Lester have heated up, according to multiple reporters.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Someone pinch me. I must be dreaming. Yesterday's wild fantasy is today's quite possible reality. The Orioles and the Red Sox are close on a trade that would bring Jon Lester to Baltimore. This is not the crazy talk of random Internet morons who don't know anything and are not plugged into anyone, anywhere. This is real, legit beat writers dropping some terrible and awesome knowledge:

I feel like the guy in the GIF. IT'S HAPPENING. Yes. Maybe. It's not done yet. But maybe it will be soon! But maybe it won't be. Could Miguel Gonzalez possibly be the main piece of a trade? As my friend and fellow blogger Stacey Folkemer just said to me in an instant message, "I love you, MiGo, give my best to Koji."

Whatever the Orioles are giving up, it'll be for in the realm of ten starts from Lester, but as we've seen, they will be crucial, because every game is crucial in the AL East from here on out. Oh, and also, if the Orioles should happen to make it into the playoffs, what would it be like having a pitcher who can start two games in the series and you'll feel reasonably good about the team's chances of winning?

What is happening to me? I am talking about the Orioles being in a playoff series as if that's a real thing I expect to happen. I am getting excited about having a great pitcher on the Orioles. Are the Orioles even allowed to have great pitchers? I thought there was something against this in the bylaws. Are we sure this is reality?

What if I get my hopes up for nothing? What if they trade Dylan Bundy? Ahhhhhhhhhh!