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Orioles trade news: Andrew Miller acquired from Red Sox for Eduardo Rodriguez

The Orioles have traded prospect Eduardo Rodriguez to the Red Sox for reliever Andrew Miller. Why? Duquette only knows.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Orioles' stated goals as the trade deadline approached was to pick up a left-handed reliever who could get out both lefties and righties. As the trading period enters its final hour, it looks like the Orioles may have found their man in Boston reliever Andrew Miller:

Earlier in the day, it looked like Miller was headed to the Tigers, but no. Now he's reportedly headed to Baltimore. Note the difference in this language compared to yesterday's adventure with Jon Lester. This isn't "a deal is close" but rather "a deal is done". Actually, since he uses the present tense, maybe it means that the paperwork is being walked into Bud Selig's office right this second or something.


Is this good news? Who knows? It is a move. Rodriguez was bandied about, perhaps in the form of a fantasy, as a name who might be a centerpiece in a larger trade. After all of this, he's kind of a throwaway for two months of a reliever. I guess Dan Duquette didn't like him much after all. This could be the kind of thing the O's really come to regret.

Here's the good news about Miller: he has a 2.34 ERA in 42.1 innings this season and has struck out 69 batters. He does, in fact, get out both lefties and righties, although to date he's walked more righties.

Here's the bad news about Miller: he has a 0.39 home ERA and a 4.66 road ERA. Is that going to turn into a disaster as he turns Camden Yards into his home park?

Rodriguez was recently named the #3 prospect in the Orioles system by, so at first glance it seems like a lot to give up. The 21-year-old lefty has been starting for Bowie this season and has struggled as far as his results, but he's still been discussed as well regarded. Not so well regarded here in the Orioles organization, apparently, that they wouldn't use him as a chip to get two months of a reliever.

Well, we wanted the Orioles to do something, and now they did. Maybe adding another lefty reliever means they can shed Brian Matusz, who was supposed to be the lefty reliever who got out both lefties and righties until he completely failed at every task other than retiring David Ortiz and Josh Hamilton.