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To fans of both the Orioles and Nationals: You must decide!

You can like the Orioles and the Nationals. But when the Orioles play the Nationals, you have to choose one. I'd prefer you choose the Orioles, but really, just choose one.

Mitchell Layton

There are some people, such as my good friend Mark Brown, who are opposed to rooting for anything coming out of Washington, DC. I'm not one of those people, though. I don't really care about hockey, but I enjoy going to the occasional Caps game and rooting them on, for example. And there are other people who don't think you should root for more than one baseball team. I'm also not one of those people (though I'd look warily upon anyone who roots for two teams in the same division).

I don't particularly care for the Nationals, but I don't particularly dislike them either. I haven't really had much reason to follow them, though. I don't live in the DC metro area, but if I were an Orioles fan there I could see the draw. The stadium would be at least as convenient, I'd be more surrounded by news of them, etc. And I never felt any pull to watch them because I needed to see a good baseball team; their first winning season as a team happened to be the year the Orioles finally went back to the playoffs.

But regardless of how little I care to root for the Nats, I understand why people root for them and why people don't mind rooting for another team, especially when those two teams aren't in the same league. But there is one thing that I see nearly every time that the Orioles play the Nationals, and it is something that I cannot abide. That is fans at games wearing gear for both teams.

No. Just no. You can root for the Nationals most of the time, and you can root for the Orioles most of the time. But when they are playing each other, you cannot throw on your Machado jersey and Nationals cap and head out to the game. You must decide. You have to choose.

I mean, what are you even doing at a game where you're rooting for both teams? What would make you happy? Do you just want everyone to have a good time and not get hurt? Go to a little league game, then! You have to choose one. You have to pick one as your favorite. If you really, really can't decide (which I can't imagine), then just don't wear either team's colors, or stay home. I don't know. But don't show up at a competition rooting for both sides. It makes no sense, and it makes you look ridiculous.

So if you're guy I saw on TV last night in an O's hat and Nationals jersey, or the guy I sat next to last year at the game dressed similarly, or the kid in this picture whose parents I blame, I implore you to make a decision. You cannot root for both.