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Game 90: Orioles (49-40) @ Nationals (48-40), 7:05 p.m. ET

It is a newly healthy Bud Norris taking on the always tall Doug Fister. A win for the O's pushes their win streak to four and, quite possibly, also their lead in the AL East.

Greg Fiume

It was easy to wake up this morning. Flowers smell sweeter, colors are brighter, birds sing the lovliest of melodies, and the Orioles are in first place by three games over those Blue Jays. It is a good day.

To make things better, Bud Norris returns from a groin injury to keep the win train rolling. He was fantastic, if a bit lucky, in the first half of the season. If nothing else, he was the most steady performing in the rotation during the first 81 games.

And the offense, oh the offense. It has come alive recently, scoring at will. This includes an impressive showing in the eleventh inning of last night's ball game, where both Davis and Hardy went ya-ya.

Check out the full game preview here.

And what makes it even better is that MASN no longer subjects us to listening to the horrible drivel that comes out of the Washington TV team. Woo! I'm all sorts of jazzed up.

Baltimore Orioles Washington Nationals
RF Nick Markakis (L) CF Denard Span (L)
3B Manny Machado (R) 2B Anthony Rendon (R)
CF Adam Jones (R) RF Jayson Werth (R)
LF Nelson Cruz (R) 1B Adam LaRoche (L)
1B Chris Davis (L) 3B Ryan Zimmerman (R)
SS J.J. Hardy (R) LF Bryce Harper (L)
C Caleb Joseph (R) SS Ian Desmond (R)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R) C Jose Lobaton (S)
RHP Bud Norris (R) RHP Doug Fister (L)