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Orioles trade Eduardo Rodriguez for Andrew Miller - who won?

Views from around the Internet on the Orioles trade of lefty prospect Eduardo Rodriguez to the Red Sox for reliever Andrew Miller.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles have traded 21 year old Venezuelan lefty Eduardo Rodriguez to the Red Sox for reliever Andrew Miller. Miller's been a stud this year, but Rodriguez has developed from unheralded farmhand to well-regarded in the span of a few years. The mood here at CC was decidedly negative when the deal was was it received elsewhere around the blogosphere?

Keith Law, ESPN (Insider content), " It's a small deal relative to the others we saw on Thursday, but the Red Sox acquiring lefty Eduardo Rodriguez from the Orioles for two months of left-handed reliever Andrew Millerwas the best value move of the day"

Alex Conway, Orioles Nation, "The Orioles did not add much and gave up some nice upside to do it, not exactly the kind of win now move that the team needed to make and gave up too much for a move that will not help in the long run. I like the player, I do not like the move."

Nate DeLong, Camden Depot, "In the best-case scenario, Miller replaces McFarland, and the Orioles gain 0.4 wins the rest of the year. That is not insignificant, but it’s not exactly the difference maker you’d hope to get for a top 100 prospect."

Patrick Dougherty, Baltimore Sports and Life, "I’m just not confident that Andrew Miller is the knockout stud he’s being touted as for the long term – but that’s okay, because he doesn’t need to be that guy for any longer than November...You owe it to yourself to stay positive. You deserve to be happy! How can you do that, with two of the best teams in the American League getting so much better so quickly while the Orioles mostly stood pat? Look around you at the desolate wasteland that is the AL East!"

Zach Wilt, Baltimore Sports Report, "Rodriguez hasn’t fared well in Double-A this season, pitching to a 4.79 ERA, allowing 9.8 H/9 and 3.2 BB/9. Still, it feels like the O’s could have gotten more for a 21 year old pitching prospect."

Stan "The Fan" Charles, Pressbox, "Duquette was smart not to move too much of his future assets for a rental. Miller will not only dominate throughout the rest of the 2014 season, he could be an important member of the Orioles bullpen for a few years to come."