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Orioles add Andrew Miller to roster, sorta option Ryan Webb to Norfolk

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The Orioles have designated Ryan Webb off the 25-man roster to make room for Andrew Miller, but don't worry, Webb isn't going anywhere except for Norfolk.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

New Orioles reliever Andrew Miller arrived in Camden Yards on Friday, freshly shaved. One cruel thing about baseball is that someone's opportunity is someone else's lost opportunity - or at least for now.

If you were like me, hoping that the arrival of a new lefty would herald the departure of the disappointing Brian Matusz, well, it's just not to be. The Orioles have instead made room for Miller by designating Ryan Webb off of the 25-man roster, which ends up with the same result as saying they optioned Webb to the minors.

It's not exactly the same, but probably only Dan Duquette could tell the difference. The Orioles pulled this same move with Evan Meek earlier in the year. Though the "designated" part makes it sound like a DFA that cuts ties with the organization, that's not the case here. Webb is not getting shipped off the 40-man roster. This is just the way to remove him from the 25-man roster.

Webb, who has pitched to a 3.80 ERA across 42.2 innings this year, will probably be back before long. That seems to be a safe bet with Duquette's fungible bullpen pieces. Eventually there will come a time that the Orioles need an extra reliever, and they have a tired, unavailable reliever with minor league options, and then Webb will come back. Or someone could get hurt, although hopefully that won't happen.

Miller will be wearing #48 for the Orioles.