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Game 117: St. Louis Cardinals (61-54) @ Baltimore Orioles (67-49), 1:35pm

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The O's are looking to break out the brooms this afternoon. Kevin Gausman takes the mound for the Orioles, with Lance Lynn pitching for the Cardinals.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

It is August 10th and the Baltimore Orioles have 67 wins. That's more than a number of Orioles teams over the last 20 years have totaled for their entire season. It's good to be an Orioles fan in 2014, you know?

Today the Orioles go for the sweep of the Cardinals. They have scored 22 runs in two games against the Cards so far, and I'm hoping there is more where that came from. If they are going to administer a third straight beatdown, it will have to be against Lance Lynn, who has had much more success this season than their previous two starters. Still, it's National League success, so who knows what that means anyway.

In the last two games, the Orioles have hit nine home runs, and the only member of today's starting lineup who doesn't have one in this series is Nick Markakis. You're up, Nicky! If Caleb Joseph hits a home run today, he will have homered in his last six games, a feat only accomplished by two Orioles previously: Reggie Jackson in 1997 and Chris Davis in 2012.

EDIT: J.J. Hardy was scratched from the lineup just about five minutes before game time due to a sprained left thumb. Updated lineup below.

For your daily dose of pessimism, I remind you that Orioles are just 3-6 on Sunday home games this year, 8-10 on Sundays overall, and 17-21 in day games. They have, however, won four of their last five Sunday games.

Today's Lineups

Matt Carpenter - DH Nick Markakis - RF
Kolten Wong - 2B Manny Machado - 3B
Matt Holliday - LF Adam Jones - CF
Matt Adams - 1B Nelson Cruz - DH
Jhonny Peralta - SS Chris Davis - 1B
Jon Jay - CF J.J. Hardy - SS Delmon Young - LF
Oscar Taveras - RF Delmon Young - LF Caleb Joseph - C
Tony Cruz - C Ryan Flaherty - 2B SS
Daniel Descalso - 3B Caleb Joseph - C Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Lance Lynn - RHP Kevin Gausman - RHP