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Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees, August 11-13 2014

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After winning back-to-back series against the other major-league teams with bird namesakes, the Orioles face the Yankees for three games at Camden Yards.

Rob Carr
Monday, August 11, 7:05 ET: Bud Norris vs. Chris Capuano
Norris Capuano
Stat 2013 YTD 2013 YTD
IP 176.2 115.0 105.2 50.2
ERA 4.18 3.68 4.26 3.91
FIP 3.86 4.36 3.55 3.39
AVG/OBP/SLG Against .283/.349/.429 .251/.325/.400 .295/.330/.450 .263/.332/.394

Norris's last start was a grind, as he only made it through 5.1 innings. He allowed two runs, striking out seven while walking two. Norris has faced the Yankees once this year, a five-inning, one-run outing.

Capuano began the year in Boston's bullpen before being released on July 1. The Rockies signed him to a minor-league deal, and after a few weeks, the Yankees traded for him to join their rotation. He's made three starts for New York so far and has pitched well, with a 2.84 ERA and 2.29 FIP over nineteen innings. The lefty is a sinker-slider pitcher against fellow southpaws, but brings out a changeup against righties, throwing it nearly as often as the sinker against them. All batters will occasionally get a first-pitch curveball.

Tuesday, August 12, 7:05 ET: Wei-Yin Chen vs. Shane Greene
Chen Greene
Stat 2013 YTD 2013 YTD
IP 137.0 129.1 - 37.1
ERA 4.07 3.90 - 2.89
FIP 4.04 4.16 - 3.83
AVG/OBP/SLG Against .272/.321/.440 .277/.310/.454 - .227/.301/.312

Chen had a rough start in Toronto last week, allowing four runs over five innings. Some of that was just bad luck on that unlovely turf, though, as he struck out six while walking two in that game. Still, more starts like those against the Mariners would be preferable (2 GS, 15.1 IP, 1 ER, 11 K, 2 BB).

Greene has just six major-league starts under his belt, but one of those was a strong outing against Baltimore last month, in which he struck out nine Orioles over 7.1 IP. His success thus far is surprising, but rookies with less-than-stellar stuff seem to be one isotope of Oriole kryptonite. Greene throws three fastballs (four-seamer, sinker, and cutter), and his main offspeed offering is a slider. Regardless of batter handedness, the righty throws the sinker about 45% of the time, mostly early in the count, and the slider about 30%. The four-seamer is used as a strikeout pitch, especially against lefties, while the cutter sees more use against righties.

Wednesday, August 13, 7:05 ET: Chris Tillman vs. Esmil Rogers
Tillman Rogers
Stat 2013 YTD 2013 YTD
IP 206.1 149.2 137.2 29.2
ERA 3.71 3.73 4.77 5.16
FIP 4.42 4.21 4.73 4.38
AVG/OBP/SLG Against .241/.303/.427 .241/.308/.381 .279/.338/.461 .275/.331/.458

Tillman followed up seven scoreless innings against Seattle with a 6.2-IP, two-run outing versus St. Louis on Friday. It's nice to see him striking out a bunch of guys again; after striking out three or fewer batters in all but one start before July, he's struck out six or more in five of his last seven outings.

The Yankees claimed Rogers off of waivers on July 31. He's only made one start for them this season, a five-inning, one-run effort against Cleveland. Rogers has bounced between starting and relieving in his career, and he's never posted an ERA under 4.50. Like Greene, the righty throws three types of fastballs (four-seamer, sinker, and cutter); he also has a slider, curveball, and changeup. Also like Greene, he doesn't pitch righties and lefties much differently: all batters see mostly four-seamers and sliders, with a fair number of sinkers, some cutters and curves, and extremely rare changeups. Lefties get about 40% four-seamers and 30% sliders, while righties see the reverse.