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Manny Machado diagnosed with sprained ligament in right knee

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Word came out Tuesday evening that Machado has a sprained ligament in his right knee. That doesn't really mean a whole lot at this point.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Orioles' GM announced to reporters on Tuesday that Manny Machado's MRI showed that he has a sprained ligament in his right knee. And...that's all the information we got.

Duquette said that he'd have a full update tomorrow, including if Machado will need to go on the disabled list. It seems unlikely that he won't go on the DL, but Duquette, in true Duquette style, isn't sharing anything that he doesn't absolutely have to.

It's frustrating not to know more, but for now I'll just rest easy in the fact that this isn't the worst news we could have gotten. It's like the Orioles will call up a middle infielder to take Machado's place. Be that Jemile Weeks, Steve Lombardozzi, JImmy Paredes, Ivan De Jesus, or someone we're not expecting. Whoever it is will not be as awesome as Manny Machado, but that goes without saying.

As for shortstop J.J. Hardy, who also had an MRI today, it was confirmed that he has a sprain of his left thumb and nothing more dire. The Orioles are hoping that after resting through the off day Thursday, Hardy will be ready to go for the weekend series in Cleveland.

If Hardy is ready, expect Ryan Flaherty to get the call at third base for Machado, with whoever is called up sitting on the bench.

This is another update that is a whole lot of nothing, but for now it's all we have.