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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Rain and injury have dampened the hopes of Orioles fans but temporarily.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Machado of Baltimore Orioles has sprained right knee ligament - ESPN
Time to just go ahead and win the division anyway, O's.

What will Orioles do without Machado? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Only use 8 players on defense? Convince Brooks Robinson to undergo experimental rapid anti-aging treatment? Play a Chesapeake Bay Retriever at 3B? Use a hologram to try and trick the other team?

School of Roch: The pending roster move, Chen, Tillman and more
Here's hoping the spirit of Orioles Magic can take hold of Cord Phelps and animate his performance.

Camden Depot: Chris Davis on Path to Fall Short of Mark Reynolds
Oh dear...those names on either side of Davis' on that chart.

Peter Gammons: Orioles are protecting arms in their hunt for October -

Absolutely love the info in the 3rd paragraph.

Watch Adam Jones eat a pie with a rescue dog -

Because, why not?

Selig still says Baltimore is serious candidate for ASG | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

All Star Game would be nice, but getting to host the Futures Game would be much more exciting to me.

Power vs. Finesse: Scouting 2014 Draftees Hess and Imhof | FanGraphs Baseball

And now for today's edition of 'Better Know a Baby Bird'. This time featuring 2014 5th round draftee David Hess.

Baseball Prospectus | Events | Chat with Tucker Blair

Fire off some prospect / beer / scotch questions for BP & OriolesNation's Tucker Blair.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Corey Patterson, Will Ohman, Jeff Ballard, and Tom Niedenfuer. On this date in 1969, Jim Palmer tossed a no-hitter vs. the Oakland A's. In 1978, Earl Weaver utilized some chicanery to earn the O's a win. After the Yankees score 5 runs in the 7th to take a 5-3 lead heavy rains descend, delaying the game. Earl had the groundskeepers take their sweet time tending to the field since he knew if the game could not be continued the score would revert back to where it stood at the end of the last completed inning. In this case, 3-0 in favor of the O's. On this date in 1988, former Orioles owner Edward Bennett Williams died at the age of 68.