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Game 129: Rays (64-66) @ Orioles (73-55), 7:05

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The Orioles and the Rays start a series on Monday night. Chris Tillman starts for the O's, with Jake Odorizzi getting the ball for the Rays.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

In a perfect world, the Orioles will pretend this weekend never happened, go forth, and beat down some fools. This is not a perfect world, but maybe we'll still get to see something close to the ideal outcome.

The competition for the division is in action on Monday also. The Yankees are in Kansas City to play the Royals, while the Blue Jays host the freefalling Red Sox.

Today's Lineups

Ben Zobrist - CF Nick Markakis - RF
Matt Joyce - LF Steve Pearce - 1B
Evan Longoria - DH Adam Jones - CF
James Loney - 1B Nelson Cruz - DH
Wil Myers - RF Delmon Young - LF
Logan Forsythe - 2B J.J. Hardy - SS
Yunel Escobar - SS Chris Davis - 3B
Jose Molina - C Nick Hundley - C
Sean Rodriguez - 3B Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Jake Odorizzi - RHP Chris Tillman - RHP