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VIDEO: Orioles' Adam Jones robs homer, gets double play

Evan Longoria hit a ball off of the Orioles' Chris Tillman that looked like a home run. Adam Jones had other plans. See for yourself.

Patrick McDermott

The Rays' Evan Longoria has five career home runs off of Chris Tillman, Monday's Orioles starter. He was trying to get himself a sixth when he hit a fly ball deep to center field in the sixth inning on Monday. However, three-time Gold Glove winner Adam Jones had other plans.

Jones drifted back towards the fence, looking the whole time like he was tracking the ball. As he reached the fence,  he leaped, extended his glove, and brought the ball back into the yard.

There were men on first and second base, so Jones saved a three-run home run from happening. The man on first, Matt Joyce, attempted to tag and run to second. Jones quickly recovered from his amazing catch to fire the ball in to second base in time for the tag to be placed on Joyce. Just your garden variety 8-4 double play to save Tillman's bacon.

Best catch of Jones' career? See for yourself:

If he wins a fourth Gold Glove, you can probably put that on his highlight reel.