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Congrats to the winner of the Boog's Barbecue contest -- TheRealBambaleOsby!

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Big thanks to 33 for donating these prizes to us! You're a credit to your namesake.



Congratulations to super hot lurker, TheRealBambaleOsby! Mr. TRBO has been a member of Camden Chat since January 30, 2011, but in true lurker form he has made just one comment in those 3+ years. That comment was an excellent Mark Reynolds GIF in a Friday Night GIF Party after the Orioles walked off against the Yankees. It earned him 9 recs, giving him a higher rec/comment ratio than any of you jokers!

TRBO had a clean sweep of the contest, answering all five questions correctly! Very impressive indeed. To see how everyone did, check out this link.

TRBO -- You are the winner of two vouchers to Boog's BBQ. They are each good for a Boog's sandwich and a drink. I will follow up with an email to the address in your profile here to arrange for you to get those vouchers.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Perhaps one day soon we'll do another fun giveaway.


It's contest time! Camden Chatter 33 has generously donated to us two vouchers, each of which is good for a sandwich and a bottle of soda or water at Boog's Barbecue at Camden Yards. That's a pretty sweet deal! Thanks, 33!

To win these vouchers, I've created a contest that will run from now through 6 p.m. tonight. You'll see the questions below, but please read these few lines before you jump down there.

  • You must provide a valid Camden Chat username (if you don't have one, create one!) in order to win.
  • These vouchers expire at the end of the 2014 regular season, so don't take them if you can't go to a game before then. I know that a lot of you don't live in the local Baltimore area or just won't be able to attend another game, but don't let that stop you from answering the questions if you wish. Just be sure to check the No button regarding your attendance.
  • If the winner of the contest isn't someone who will attend a game this season, the vouchers will go the person with the highest score who is going to a game.
  • In the event of a tie after the first five questions, I'll use the tiebreaker which is to guess tonight's attendance. Remember, it's the first week of school and last night's was just over 15,000. If, in the extremely unlikely event that there is a tie after the tiebreaker, the winners' names will go into a hat and I'll draw one to get the vouchers.
  • If you win, I will contact you at the email address in your profile to figure out how to get the vouchers to you. Your options include me dropping them in the mail tomorrow morning or meeting you at the game either tomorrow (8/27) or Labor Day (9/1) and giving them to you in person.

That's it! Good luck, I hope you win. After you answer, you'll be shown a link where you can see what everyone else has already answered.