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Orioles, Yankees game on September 14 at Camden Yards moved to ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball

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The September 14 game between the Orioles and the Yankees at Camden Yards has been moved to ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the good news: The Orioles, who have not been good at home on Sundays, have just had one of their remaining Sunday afternoon games moved to Sunday night. That means that they'll be on ESPN on September 14 at 8 o'clock, giving everyone out of market the chance to watch on an actual TV.

Here's the bad news: This will be the final game that Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will play in Baltimore. So you're probably better off watching on mute, and only tuning in well after the inevitable pre-game presentation of whatever gift the Orioles end up giving him. Unless for some reason they take up Buck Showalter's idea of presenting Jeter with a signed photo of the Jeffrey Maier catch.

The September 14 game will be the last game of what's become a four-game series against the Yankees, with a make-up game to be played on the afternoon of September 12 as part of a day-night doubleheader. They'll still have four games at Yankee Stadium to be played against the current second place team in the division.

In their previous two Sunday Night Baseball games this season, the Orioles have gone 1-1, losing a barf-worthy walk-off in Boston on April 20 and winning a rain-shortened five inning game on July 13 against the Yankees. Can we get on ESPN on a Sunday night without either the Yankees or the Red Sox being involved? Apparently not.