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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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O's win! Caleb Joseph's surprising value. Bundy pitches great. And more in today's edition of Bird Droppings!

Jonathan & Chris let Toronto know what place the O's are in.
Jonathan & Chris let Toronto know what place the O's are in.
Mike McGinnis

Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays - August 5, 2014 | BAL Recap
Do you like when O's hit dingers? If so, read about oodles of them here.

Surging Baltimore Orioles proving everyone wrong | Toronto Star
Toronto media is taking notice.

Players Who Have Cleared Revocable Waivers – MLB Trade Rumors
Anyone here appeal to you as a potential difference maker for the O's?

Orioles Buzz: Jon Shepherd: How to review the Miller deal
A number of us have expressed varying levels of frustration in regards to this deal. I happen to share this view.

Chris Davis Is In Even Rarer Home Run Company This Year | Roar From 34
I recall that '91 Rob Deer season getting quite a bit of media attention.

Camden Depot: Caleb Joseph Is an All Star

Say what now? /insert Caleb Joseph surprise face picture

Steve Melewski: Dylan Bundy talks about his outing tonight in Frederick

Everything sounds as if it is moving apace for Dylan's rehab.