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Labor Day Bird Droppings

Rob Carr

Also, Happy Adam Jones Bobblehead Day and Happy Continued Relevance Day. As in other seasonal blood sports (politics leaps to mind) Labor Day seems to signify a time where the rubber meets the road. Teams are making their final tweaks and adjustments for a sustained October campaign or figuring out who's going to be reporting to camp in February. After oh so many years in the latter camp, the Orioles are preparing for their third consecutive stretch run and arguably their strongest yet in the Buck era. The O's will look to open the month by completing a sweep of the Twins, though they've already quietly clinched a winning record this homestand with an impressive six wins out of their first seven games. It will surely not be an easy task with a 1:35 pm start and a resurgent Phil Hughes on the bump for the Twinkies.

Baltimore Orioles: Fond Farewell to July and August Fond, indeed!

School of Roch: Showalter on Flaherty, Hardy and a 12-8 win
Notes and quotes.

De Aza late addition for Sunday's game, Johnson comes Monday | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Again, I will say I really liked the shots of the dugout yesterday when De Aza arrived...hugs and back slaps all around!

Orioles Arranging The Roster For Playoffs And Expansion - Baltimore Sports Report
I saw an article praising the roster manipulation of the Mariners this morning, but I assure you that Jack Zduriencik is no Dan Duquette.

ON Mailbag 8/25 - 8/31 (Orioles Nation) Tucker and company answer questions about prospects, etc.

The Nationals and Orioles lead by a lot on Labor Day. We’re in for a scare and a treat. - The Washington Post
The Boz on the Orioles twice in a week? This is actually a little closer to the standard Boswellian fare to which we are well-accustomed, but, hey...

On this day in 2000, the Orioles turned a triple play started by Melvin Mora.

It's the birthday of Trayvon Robinson.