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Who is the Most Valuable Oriole of 2014? Vote here!

Vote for your unofficial 2014 Most Valuable Oriole here. We'll announce the results on Friday.

Patrick Smith

The mainstream Orioles media writers have balloting this week to decide who will be named the Most Valuable Oriole for the 2014 season. They will be making their pick through Friday of this week, when results will be announced and an award presented to the winners.

What counts as valuable to a mainstream writer is not always what you or I would consider as being valuable. Sometimes it's easy, though. Chris Davis won the award last year, while Adam Jones was given the award the two years prior to that.

Who is YOUR Most Valuable Oriole for 2014? Note that this isn't who you think will win, but who you think should win. Use any criteria that you deem appropriate. Do you like Jones to make it three MVO wins in the last four years? Do the 100+ RBI from Nelson Cruz sway you? Or perhaps J.J. Hardy's defensive contributions?

Your first place choice may be obvious to you, but are second and third place so easy to figure out? Where does a starting pitcher fit in? The Orioles actually have some decent ones this year! The choice is yours.

A first place vote is worth five points, while a second place vote is worth three points and a third place vote is worth one point. Results will be posted on Friday.