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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Your daily open thread for discussing the Orioles as they stand on the precipice of clinching their first Division title in 17 years.

almost there...
almost there...
Patrick Smith

Tonight we will watch Ubaldo Jimenez start a game in which the O's can secure a playoff spot and clinch the Division. Just like we all envisioned back in March, right? Uh...sure!

To-do lists for Orioles, Angels, Nationals to prepare for postseason - ESPN
Step 1: Win Division Step 2: ??? Step 3: World Series!

Baltimore Orioles will hold up well in playoffs despite lackluster starting rotation -- MLB - ESPN
Not exactly certain just how to process writers suddenly complimenting the O's and buying into their chances. May you live in interesting times...

Camden Depot: Postseason Roster Crunch: On Chris Davis, Kelly Johnson, Jimmy Paredes, and Expanded Roles
It's nice to be able to watch players compete for a roster spot during the last couple of weeks of the season and not have that competition be for heading into next season, but rather for the postseason.

Angels, Nationals, Orioles cruising to October as half off baseball's division races turn into duds | MLB | Sporting News

Winning a division by 10+ games: more common than I would have thought.

Andrew Miller's slider: A brief appreciation -

It certainly can be mesmerizing

Orioles' Chris Davis helps people in overturned truck following accident -

Good samaritan Chris Davis helped some people who were trapped in an overturned truck following a traffic accident on Monday.

Amphetamines Suspended for Not Working So Well Anymore | NotGraphs Baseball


Ask BA: Greatest Misses, Prospect Handbook Edition -

A current Oriole makes BA's list of their 'greatest misses', players who were never ranked in BA's prospect handbook.

Happy 54th birthday to Mickey Tettleton. Hopefully he gets to enjoy a tasty breakfast of Froot Loops. On this date in 1985 the O's smash 6 dingers off Tigers pitching in a 14-7 win. Cal blasts two, and Cal, Eddie, and Fred Lynn go back-to-back-to-back in the 8th. In 2012 the O's notched their 82nd win, giving the club their first winning season since 1997. The O's entered this date in 1997 with a 91-56 record. In 2012 their record stood at 81-64 on this date.