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Monday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

September 22? Holy wow, time flies. The season is winding down and the Orioles are playing seemingly meaningless baseball, only this year it's because the O's have clinched the division and Buck Showalter seems intent on resting some ailing regulars and conducting a sort of "second spring." A lot of articles in the coming days will look past the Yankees and Blue Jays match ups this week towards playoff rosters and rotations, but you still gotta play it one game at a time. After all, O's still have a mathematical shot at 100.

School of Roch: Looking at starter vs. opponent matchups in anticipation of Division Series Oh, hey there...

Camden Depot: Postseason Roster Crunch: The Final Roster What's that you say?

Marcus Stroman’s six-game suspension reduced to five games | HardballTalk Boooo...

Vance Worley member of All-Surprise Team - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN It may not be a surprise to you, dear readers, that a certain journeyman corner infielder/outfielder makes this list.

O's allowing Markakis, Pearce to heal | Steve and Noodles, takin' er easy for all us sinners...

Orioles attendance rises for fourth straight season | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Well done, folks...we've still got some work to do, though!

On this day in 1966, the Orioles clinched their first AL pennant.

It's the birthday of Luis Garcia, Cesar Devarez, P.J. Forbes, John Stefero and Bob Harrison.