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Camdencast Episode 56 - The Division Series

Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated. Camdencast is back to celebrate the division champion Orioles and look ahead to the American League Division Series matchup against the Tigers.

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A funny thing happened since the last time we podcasted. The Orioles won the American League East. Holy crap. Stacey and I come out of hibernation to celebrate that division-winning team and also look ahead to the upcoming ALDS matchup against the Tigers.

The bottom line is that the Orioles take their deserved place as one of the best teams in baseball. Many good teams make the playoffs every year and only one of them can win it all. Maybe it will be the Orioles. Maybe it won't. First up is Detroit. Are they as scary as they seem?

There wasn't any shortage of awesome things about the Orioles this year and we've tried to hit them all and put it all into perspective. Here's hoping the next time we're back, it's breaking down an ALCS matchup.

Our thoughts on the "down year" for the AL East, revisiting our (really bad) preseason predictions, appreciating the effect pitching coach Dave Wallace has had on certain pitchers, and our thoughts on how the O's managed to succeed without Chris Davis, Manny Machado, and Matt Wieters. All this and more on a brand new Camdencast.

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