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MLB finally announces Orioles ALDS game start times, sort of

MLB finally announced the American League Division Series game times! Well, sort of. Check out when the Orioles will play their series.

Ronald Martinez

As teams have locked up spots in the MLB playoffs, the cry has increased among Orioles fans wanting to know the answer to one simple question: "When will the playoff games actually happen?" We have been denied until Monday evening, when MLB finally announced the permutations for the scheduled games.

Game 1 of the ALDS will start at either 5:37 or 6:07pm, depending on whether Kansas City or Oakland wins the AL Wild Card Game on Tuesday night. If the Royals win that game, then the Orioles-Tigers series will start at 5:37. If the Athletics in the game, then the Orioles-Tigers series will start at 6:07. Why does the start time depend on a game that doesn't even involve this series? I don't know, man.

If you thought that was crazy, get a load of the Game 2 schedule. The start time for the Orioles and Tigers on Friday is dependent on who wins the NL Wild Card Game on Wednesday night. It will be either 12:07pm (!!!) or 3:07pm. They will play around noon if the Giants win the NL Wild Card Game. They'll play at the later time if the Pirates win that game. So, this weird scheduling quirk has probably turned us all into Pirates fans, because who wants to have the noon game?

Game 3 of the series is scheduled for 3:45pm in Detroit on Sunday, regardless of any other results.

Times for Game 4 and Game 5, if necessary, have not yet been announced.

So, in summary:

Game 1 in Baltimore: 5:37 (if KC wins AL Wild Card) or 6:07 (if OAK wins AL Wild Card)
Game 2 in Baltimore: 12:07 (if SF wins NL Wild Card) or 3:07 (If PIT wins NL Wild Card)
Game 3 in Detroit: 3:45

Better start faking that cough now.