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Game 142: Orioles (82-59) @ Rays (69-74), 1:40

It's a day game with a Sunday forfeit lineup to boot as the Orioles try to avoid being swept by the Rays. This lineup suggests they aren't trying very hard. Your starting pitchers are Bud Norris and Jeremy Hellickson.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

This lineup makes me think that Buck Showalter is telling Orioles fans to just go watch football today.

They stink in day games to begin with. A Camden Chatter pointed out in the comments yesterday that the Orioles have the worst day game ERA in the AL - and the best night game ERA. They also bat significantly worse during the day than at night.

And now... this.

The good thing about an 8.5 game division lead is that it can absorb some blows and you're still in good shape. It will probably absorb another blow today. So it goes.

Today's Lineups

Alejandro De Aza - LF Ben Zobrist - SS
David Lough - CF David DeJesus - DH
Nelson Cruz - DH Evan Longoria - 3B
Chris Davis - 1B James Loney - 1B
Steve Pearce - RF Brandon Guyer - LF
Kelly Johnson - 3B Matt Joyce - RF
Caleb Joseph - C Logan Forsythe - 2B
Ryan Flaherty - SS Kevin Kiermaier - CF
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Jose Molina - C
Bud Norris - RHP Jeremy Hellickson - RHP