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Friday Bird Droppings

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Dan Duquette saga continues to suck all the air out of the room, but the O's offseason rolls on. Minicamp was judged a success, a slow drip of minor signings continues and today, salary figures for arbitration eligible players are exchanged. At least Tommy Hunter's locked up for the season!

School of Roch: Leftovers for breakfast
A lot of stuff here from minicamp and the latest on Johan Santana.

Orioles Notes: Duquette, Rasmus, Tillman – MLB Trade Rumors Don't hold your breath waiting for Colby Rasmus...

Uncertainty surrounding Orioles' Dan Duquette has gone on long enough - Baltimore Sun Peter Schmuck is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore!

The Orioles have a list of Plan B options if Dan Duquette leaves for the Blue Jays | HardballTalk
Seven hells!

Camden Depot: Appreciate What Miguel Gonzalez Is Doing... While It Lasts Miguel Gonzalez Appreciation Week rolls on...

Henry Urrutia: "The best decision I ever made."
Our favorite defector may not be Yasiel Puig or Yoenis Cespedes, but he seems like a pretty swell guy all the same.

On this day in 1970, Curt Flood filed his landmark lawsuit challenging MLB's reserve clause. As we have learned recently, MLB doesn't much care for people upsetting the proverbial apple cart.

It's the birthday of fan favorite Zelous Wheeler. Rumbling Stumbling Jack Cust has a birthday today as does former bench coach Dave Jauss. Do you remember Eider Torres? He also is celebrating a birthday.