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Sunday Bird Droppings

Colorado wants to trade an All-Star OF, nobody, and I mean nobody knows what's going on with the Blue Jays, and the O's are interested in signing Chris Tillman to an extension.

Lew Ford.
Lew Ford.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Ah, another weekend of the off-season. To quote that overlooked poet Robert James Ritchie in regards to the Dan Duquette situation, "Same game, same name(s), ain't a damn thing changed".

Sources: Rockies discussing All-Star OF Blackmon in trade talks | FOX Sports
Rockies' outfielder Charlie Blackmon is apparently on the block. Question is, what does Colorado want in return?

Orioles have discussed a multi-year contract with Chris Tillman | HardballTalk
Chris Tillman is one of several players with whom the Orioles have had multi-year contract discussions, according to Roch Kubatko, who posted it in a very short tweet. Gee, thanks for the info, Roch.

Steve Melewski: North of the border: Columnist's take from Toronto on Duquette story

Someone from the company that owns the Blue Jays started making calls to HBGM and Kenny Williams in the fall, completely in violation of MLB's procedures about filing formal requests to contact personnel from other teams. You'll be shocked to discover MLB hasn't shown the slightest interest in pursuing a tampering investigation.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Brian Falkenborg, my preferred future GM of the Orioles, Brady Anderson, Scott McGregor, Mickey McGuire, and Mike Fornieles.

On this day in Orioles history,  not a thing of consequence happened.

Love smoothies but hate cleaning the blender? Just fill it with warm water and a drop of dish soap, then turn it on and blend for a few seconds. Dump, rinse with clean water, and dry.

Consider this your place to talk about the NFL Conference Championship games.

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That Open Thread is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.