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Friday Bird Droppings

Oh, s**t!
Oh, s**t!
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

January 2. We are now in the midst of the professional and (gasp!) college football playoff season. It seems like most of the major moves to be made this hot stove season have been made, but you never know. This has been a weird one. Do Dan Duquette and the O's have a couple more tricks up their collective sleeve? I suppose this question depends in part on Buck Showalter's meeting with Colby Rasmus. Will Buck peer deep into the soul of the oft-maligned outfielder? If so, what will he find? Stay tuned!

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones gets married in Arizona - Baltimore Sun Congratulations to the good doctor!

School of Roch: What's next for the Orioles?
Roch does his Jed Bartlet impersonation...

Orioles Manager Buck Showalter Reflects On Late Johnny Oates (Pressbox) ...and I'm still mad Peter Angelos canned Oates for Phil Regan.

Free agent 'hometown discounts' are getting rarer. | Get rich or die tryin...

Camden Depot: Delmon Young Returns to Orioles, Makes Blogger Sad Delmon Young is hardly worth getting sad about, guy.

On this day in 1986, former St. Louis Browns owner Bill Veeck passed away. Veeck initialized the deal that brought the Browns to Baltimore.

It's the birthday of Takoma Park native Garrett Stephenson. Rotle Stillman and momentary farmhand Scott Proctor also have January 2 birthdays.