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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Duq' drama, payroll projections, pitching mechanics, and are we really going to have to hear questions about what to do with Gausman again? All that and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: What's going to happen to Gausman?
Why in the hell is this even a topic of discussion? He's possibly the best starting pitcher the O's have right now. To hell with roster shenanigans. Put your best squad out there. Infuriating.

Steve Melewski: Another look at projecting the 2015 payroll

If some soft cap of ~$120m, and potentially exceeding it by $1m-$2m,is what is holding up signing Rasmus that's as equally frustrating as chatter of Gausman being anything other than a fixture in the rotation. This team sometimes, man...

Duquette Thing Still A Thing |
A Jays fan perspective on the Duquette situation

Duquette back on top after hiatus from game |
Tracy Ringolsby pens a love letter to the Honey Badger GM.

Baseball Prospectus | Raising Aces: Best and Worst Mechanics: AL East
Subscriber article where the best and worst pitcher mechanics in the AL East are broken down. One O gets a 'Best' grade, another couple get Honorable mentions for different areas. And shocker of all shockers...Ubaldo is no where to be found. (And, no, I will not excerpt portions of this in the comments. Shell out the dough to read it. BPro is totally worth it!)

Major League Baseball Needs to Expand – The Hardball Times
A worthy idea just to get rid of full-season Interleague games.

A trio of recent Birds celebrate birthdays today, including David Lough and his amazing abs (have some cake, dude! It'll be ok.), Matt Albers, and Luis Exposito. And a trio of brief back-in-the-day O's also share a birthdate: Ozzie Guillen (yup, he was an Oriole once), Dave Boswell, and Gene Stephens. This date in O's history saw the club part ways with a couple of prominent players: Paul Blair was traded to the Yankees in 1977, and Ben McDonald signed with the Brewers in 1996. Gigantic 1B prospect Walter Young was claimed on waivers by the Padres in 2006. He smacked 33 dingers in Bowie in 2004.