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Sunday Bird Droppings

Yet another day of inactivity on the trade fronts and in the GM's office.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Before Dan Duquette takes stage at FanFest, Orioles need to take stance on his future - Baltimore Sun
"Saturday should be the Orioles' deadline for deciding whether to allow Dan Duquette to accept a big promotion with the Toronto Blue Jays and forgo the final four years of his contract." Because arbitrary deadlines are always the best management strategy.

Price, Wieters and top 2015 free agents — and where they may land | New York Post
"Most likely to sneak his way into a huge payday: Matt Wieters. The Orioles catcher will be returning from Tommy John surgery that limited him to 26 games last year. A return to his previous form could propel his agent Boras to reference Brian McCann and Russell Martin — the $80-million neighborhood — and maybe even get it."

Top breakout candidates for 2015 - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
"Kevin Gausman, Orioles (1.2 WAR) -- We saw his arm strength in the postseason, when he looked so good pitching out of the bullpen. After bouncing back and forth last year between the Orioles and Triple-A, making 20 starts in the majors, Gausman is ready to spend the entire year in Baltimore. He has developed into primarily a fastball/splitter guy, mixing in his slider and a few changeups, so while he may not rack up the strikeouts like Cole, he should do a good job keeping the ball in the park, which of course is essential for success in Camden Yards."

The inside story on how Rogers tried to replace Blue Jays president Paul Beeston - Toronto Sun
Here's the Toronto Sun article that has everyone convinced Ed Rogers is a complete moron.

Matt Kuchar stumbles in, gives away Humana Challenge lead | Boston Herald (Bud Norris plays golf!)
Bud Norris played in the event's pro-am with now co-leader Erik Compton.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Richie Lewis, and Francisco Melendez.

On this date in Orioles history, not much happened. I mean, I'm sure this marks the anniversary of someone accidentally taking a co-worker's Diet Pepsi out of the communal fridge in The Warehouse, but nothing of note.

Cruddy air vent or A/C intake? Moisten a clean towel with your favorite cleaner and wrap around a butter knife. Now you've got the perfect tool to clean the narrow grate.

Consider this your NFL Pro Bowl discus .... nah, I can't type that all the way without breaking into spasm-inducing laughter. Watch what you want today. Talk about it here if you wish.

I am a nice Open Thread, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.